Designer Table Tops

Antonelli's Furniture - Melbourne, FL - Patio Furniture - Brevard and Indian River County

These designs are just a few of the images available to be used for table tops. The images can be put on a printed aluminum top, or a solid surface top which is comprised of a lightweight GFRC concrete and re-enforced with fiberglass fibers for additional strength. Once the concrete is cured and primed a vinyl wrap image is adhered to the substrate. A proprietary UV resistant resin is then applied to the tops which encapsulates the tops to protect them against outdoor environments. A final top coat sealer is applied for extra protection against scratches or abrasions. The images can also be applied to a Masterpiece Glass table which give the table top a translucent look with a beautiful design. The piece of glass actually goes through a printer where the image is applied and then the UV protection is added.